10 Must-See Programs

Gender-Based Violence

Workplace Gossip

Time-Sucking Interruptions

Workplace Incivility

Passive Aggression

Hostile Work Environments

Non-Stop Critcism

Workplace Bullying

Verbal Attacks

Impulsive Reactions

A Complete Toolkit for Challenging Behaviors

The Challenging Workplace Behavior Summit was developed by MH Mediate and Conflict Connections.  We identified the ten toughest behaviors at work and found the top global experts to address each of them.  We brought our experts together for an online summit that reached over 250 professionals.  The result of this summit is a complete toolkit for challenging behaviors at work.

This toolkit provides an engaging way for all professionals to learn about these toxic workplace behaviors and to receive practical, actionable tools to address them. Use the toolkit to:
    • Feel Empowered in the face of challenging behaviors through lessons and tools
    • Understand the definitions, signs, and impact of challenging behaviors at work
    • Be Equipped with resources to manage and respond to the ten toughest behaviors at work
      The quick-reference summaries, on-demand replays, and take-away tools are available for a full year so anyone confronting a challenging behavior always has easy access to helpful resources.
        The centerpiece of the toolkit is our summit interviews with our behavior experts who have been featured in Huffington Post, TEDx, NPR, USA Today, Inc Magazine, Vox, Bloomberg, Psychology Today, Money Magazine, and more.  Pattie Porter, of Conflict Connections, interviews each expert in engaging, focused, and actionable 15-20 minute programs.
          Each behavior is discussed in two programs - the first part focuses on understanding it and the second part is all about solutions.  Each program comes with program notes (edited transcripts).  We also include one-page behavior summaries providing the quick reference for the definition, impact, and solutions for each behavior.  Finally, each program comes with a takeaway tool so you can immediately put the strategies into practice!
            Bonus items include a full program for addressing mental health at work and more.
              Click here to purchase an All Access Pass to gain access to the entire toolkit including program replays, along with takeaway tools, program notes, behavior summaries, and bonus resources.


              International Workplace Behavior Experts from the Public and Private Sectors

              About the Host

              The Challenging Workplace Behavior Summit is hosted by Patricia M. Porter, the Texas Conflict Coach and the President of Conflict Connections, and produced by Dan Berstein, Founder of MH Mediate.  We have found the best experts to help us understand and manage the ten toughest behaviors at work – everything from workplace bullying to time-sucking interruptions.

              In Part 1 of each program, we ask our experts to define the behavior and help us understand its impact.  In Part 2, we jump straight into strategies – how do we address it?

              You can purchase an All Access Pass to see all program replays, along with takeaway tools, program notes, and more, by clicking here.

              A Complete Toolkit for Challenging Behaviors